Monday, 13 July 2009

Busy? Nah...

I don't know why It has taken me this long to blog. It's not like I have been busy... Just spend most of my time with my girlfriend or on the 360... Lack of money sucks...

I know I need a job but I'm so damn picky! Bah.... At least I dont need to pay for anymore games thanks to a new DVD DL drive and some DVD+R DL Verbatims :) God bless the Internet and it's magical ways!

That being said, I have been playing more 360 games and slowly raising my gamerscore once again. Don't think I will be in the same league as my cousin for some time though.

Bearing in mind, last christmas I was helping him break the 18k mark playing Halo 3 and Gears 2... He's been busy since getting live, that's or damn sure!

I need more games though... is letting me down with the number of seeders on decent games and demonoid is just pretty useless for 360 games... I miss =(

I am going to try and get my hands on Battlefield Bad Company. I don't think I gave it a fair chance the first time round so i will attempt to find a copy today that I can download overnight. Might play a bit of Fight Night Round 4 today at some point too... Could be entertaining.

Finished Wolverine Origins last night too. That was a brilliant game! I will probably go back and finish off the 2000 kills and get every upgrade for the achievement. Reflexes are a bitch to level but I may give it a shot. Once those are done I will consider playing through on hard. Wouldn't be too bad having another 1000gs game done. Speaking of which, I need to stick to games! Lately I have been playing games for a little while, getting around 100gs then never playing it again. If I was going for completion % it would suck...

Enough about games for now...

Watched the final season of Pri
son Break and the TV Movie the other day. So sad :( It was a great series and the finale was brilliant! I miss when it was a simple task of breaking out of a single prison... Had more meaning then... Kind of turned into Lost by the end of it and looked like they didn't know what was happening.

A few weeks ago I watched The Hangover with my gf. Brilliant film! So funny! I suggest just watching a trailer... The bit where Mike Tyson knocks out the fat guy will make you want to watch it! Not sure why, but the poster only shows 3 of the guys. The main dude that is supposed to be getting married is left out but I suppose you don't see much of him anyway. The main story is, 4 guys on a stag night... They go to Vegas and get completely smashed and forget the night before. They wake up with a trashed hotel room and a lion in the bathroom with no signs of the groom to be. The rest of the film is them trying to back track through what happened so they can find their lost friend. A bit like Dude, Where's My Car but instead of a car it is a groom*.

Great film! Well worth watching at the cinema. God I love orange Wednesdays...

Last week I went with my gf and a couple of friends to watch both Ice Age 3 and Year One on the same day. We watched Ice Age 3 first which was in 3D. God I hate 3D... They barely change anything and you have to wear ridiculous glasses the whole time. They charge 2 quid extra and you don't even get to keep the glasses! What a rip off... But it was our only choice! Tbh... Ice Age 3 was good but I still think the best was 1. Like most sequels... It didn't match up to it's predecessor. After a very rushed meal at Nandos (Sorry Pabs), we watched Year One. I love Jack Black in any film! This one was no exception. Deffinately the funniest film of the night! Another film that is worth watching at the cinema imo.

Speaking of Jack Black, he is voicing a character in an upcoming title, Brutal Legend! This game just looks like a fun hack and slash with the added bonus of the man character having one of the funniest voices known to the film and music industry! God I love Jack Black...

Here is some gameplay footage.

Note: Avoid 'Land of the Lost'. Not one of Will Ferrel's proudest films to say the least*...

Going to watch the new Harry Potter on Saturday at the IMAX in Birmingham so will most likely report on that in my next blog at some point.

I really want to make these more regular but Im too damn lazy so I can't say when I will next update... Not that it matters seeing as my main readers are Pabs and my gf, Bee :D


* - Quoted from my dear gf Bee :P

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