Saturday, 28 November 2009

Long Overdue

So I figured I would post an update considering I havn't even looked at this blog for months.

Lot of new happenings since my last post anyway. For starters, I am 10 weeks into my Computer Games Modelling and Animation course and Derby Uni and it is all going well so far... Plenty of assignments but I am going to do my best to get them in on time! Lessons are fun even though half of them consist of random internet browsing and general time wasting.

On top of this I also moved into a new 2 bedroom house with Bert. Really cheap rent and a huge room so no complaints! Strange layout though and our bathroom puzzles most people...

Oh and very little 360 gaming now seeing as my console is banned due to unforseen circumstances (nothing to do with illegally modding it or anything of the sort(!)). Although, I have picked up PC gaming again since MW2 and I have pretty much been playing that for the past few weeks and nothing else. Great game but it is completely ruined by Infinity Wards rediculously retarded views of IWnet being a better option to Dedicated servers!

And one more thing before she kills me :P I love Beee!! And her 360 also got banned... My bad :(

So thats about it for now... I would say I would update this again some time but I most likely wont for another few months!


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