Friday, 31 December 2010

Hello Hello!

Sorry for not updating over christmas. Busy busy! I now have a new car anyway... 1.8l Diesel Renault Clio =) Nice little upgrade from my 1l Corsa!

When I get time I will post a bigger update but Im off to my mums new years do... Should be pretty interesting at least!


Friday, 17 December 2010

This could take a while....

:( Darn my internets! 8.7gbs to go!

On another note.. Starting work Jan 1st at 5pm... As long as I wake up at some point during the day after New Year then I should be good!

By the way... I watch a hell of a lot of movies;(all legal... honest!)

So I thought I may as well recommend the odd movie as I watch at least one a day. More recently I have watched The Crazies and The Sorcerers Apprentice.

I recommend both. Especially The Sorcerers Apprentice! You have probably overlooked this film due to it seeming more like a kids film, but I thought it was done really well! Me and my gf definitely enjoyed it. Nick Cage plays his part brilliantly and is probably the most bad ass sorcerer there has been! And as for The Crazies.. Its a pretty mediocre film but there are some good parts in it (mainly the deaths!). Anyway.. Check them both out if you have time!


Cataclysmic Failure on my part!

So... After months of saying I would never go back... I caved! Im thinking about leveling my Druid or DK. Failing that Im going for a Goblin Mage! I wont start up again just yet though. And anyway, with my internet, the 9gb patch I need to install will take me a minimum of 9 days with my bandwidth limits! =(

In other news... Off to Dominos tomorrow for a Delivery Driver position :D I have wanted this job for a while now as it seems like something I would be perfect for! Just driving around delivering my favorite food with the prospect of tips! Not bad!

So expect my blog to be filled with either wow or work related news!


Wednesday, 15 December 2010


So me and my girlfriend, Bee, invested in some rabbits last week! We have been thinking about a puppy for a long time now and, although they are cute! They are too much of a commitment at the moment. So we went for bunnies :D

Minnie and Daisy! (not my choice... gf is a disney fan!)

Oh yeah... They shit everywhere! They will be litter trained soon enough thank god! Either way, they are much easier to look after than a puppy, and we can have 2!

They are awesome though... Very fluffy! Despite the gay names, I enjoy having them!

At least they are better than my sisters hellhound! He seems cute but he will try to eat your face...

But thats all... BAI!

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Worst... Broadband... Ever!

For future reference... Never go with Sky Broadband Connect!

I was working on behalf of sky, selling the tv, phone and broadband packages and I would always push Connect if Unlimited or Lite wasnt an option. After experiencing this embarassment myself, I would never wish it upon anybody else ever again! My speeds are horrible and it never stays connected for long!

But... I have nothing better in my current area :( /sigh

Btw.. Here is a quick example!

TV Shows

So I have been watching Spartacus: Blood and Sand. I know it has taken me a while seeing as I first heard about it when it aired in the US last year, I just never got round to watching it! Having seen the first 11 episodes I can safely say it is a very worthy show! The only downside being that season 2 will never work without Spartacus! Andy Whitfield, being diagnosed with cancer, having it cured, then having it return again has made sure he wont be returning for season 2! Still, season 1 is worth the watch!

And then there is Dexter! I have watched this show through from Season 1. And now, with the last episode of Season 5 having been aired a couple of days ago, I can safely say that this show is still going very strong! If you havnt yet checked it out you have no excuse! Dexter is the shit :D

And that is all for now.. Will update with a few films I recommend tomorrow.


I'm Alive!

So I am going to bring my blog back to life. Starting with a review of my new phone, the Samsung Omnia 7!
Windows Phone 7 as an operating system is in it's early days, but unlike the iOS, it is picking up pace fast! For a release version it is very stable! If only the marketplace wasnt so damn expensive... Just because the xbox live games have achievements, it shouldnt mean such a high price. I have, however, bought a few games so far which I do not regret!

But back to the phone... it's that screen that really makes things pop on this phone – it's almost like the feeling you get when you first see a Blu-ray on a proper HD telly: everything looks more real than reality itself. That thing is so bright, even the home screen makes a better flashlight than the apps on my previous iPhone 4!

Overall the phone is a fair trade off for my iPhone 4. Once Windows Phone 7 picks up, it will start to really take shape and I will hopefully get my moneys worth!