Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Star Trek

I never watched Star Trek as a series so I cant do this film justice. But going in blind, I have to say this was an incredible movie! J.J.Abrams has done it again!

The cast is incredible... I dont need to list it's starring members again and I am sure you all know by now anyway. The only thing that bugged me was Zachary Quinto as Spock. To me, all I saw was Sylar through and through. Both characters are similar in their own way given their ability to ignore all emotion and stay calm no matter what the situation, but I cant be the only one seeing this right?

Simon Pegg was awesome in this movie. He plays Scotty, a genius in the Star Trek universe, but also the comedian. Pegg was a perfect casting for this role and had me in hysterics every time he was on the screen!

As for the plot... It was believable and it made sense in its own way. It's just good to see how it included Leonard Nimoy and I suppose it was a good way to 'restart' the Star Trek franchise.

There isnt much I can say without giving away the whole movie so I suggest watching it yourself (I hear there is a decent copy floating around the interwebs!).

Awesome movie!!

Oh and Chris Hemsworth, the dude that played old daddy Kirk, has been cast as Thor, another Marvel movie starting production.

Watch the Season finale of Fringe by the way... Leonard Nimoy is a very significant charater :P

In completely unrelated news, Wolverin Origins will have a sequel... of sorts... The next movie will centre around Deadpool, the dude played by Ryan Reynolds. Interesting role for him but it seemed to work with what little screen time he had in Origins.

Thats all for now... Maybe... Who knows when I will next update?


Hello World...

Yeah so I havn't blogged in a while. Half due to my own laziness and the other half due to the Dragonica CBT. That ends on the 22nd though so atleast until the OBT I wont be doing much but 'revising'. Even the word is difficult to say. I have never revised for any exam, which explains why I am in this predicament now. Bee (the girlfriend) helped me work out what I needed to get the minimum required for Derby uni. Hopefully Im not being too unrealistic in the hopes that I can actually achieve these grades providing I... 'revise'.

I better get the grades.. Already applied for my student loan (huge debt here I come!).

So theres 3 more days (excluding exams) left of school and then Im gone! I am also more optimistic about May Ball now considering I baught everything ready for Thursday night. I need to look good if Im going to be stood next to her :P

I get to glide through the rest of this week knowing I never have to take another lesson at that school :) Its a good feeling!

In other news...

Scrubs is confirmed for another Season! Season 9 of Scrubs has been given the go-ahead and Zach Braff is clinging on the squeeze everything he can from the Series. Him and Sarah Chalke will be in 6 more episodes to wrap up their story line. Im not exactly sure how Scrubs is going to be with JD in it... Who will Turk cling to now?

Some people are saying that they should have left it at 'My Finale'. It some ways they are right... It was such an amazing episode to finish off such an awesome Series that it should have kept its lime light. Now there is another season coming, 'My Finale' isn't exactly JD's finale at all... Kinda makes it all pointless. Anyway.. Im just happy its going to continue, with or without JD.

I promised to give my opinions on Star Trek so I will do it in another post :P


Wednesday, 13 May 2009

The End of an Era

So the final episode of Scrubs aired last week. I watched it with my girlfriend yesterday and I have to say it was quite upsetting. Topped the last ending of Friends for me!

The end of a decent TV show always sucks for me... I hate season ending let alone the last episode ever! Though, saying that, Bill Lawrence has considered a new sitcom with a different cast (god I hope they keep in Turk even thought it wouldn't be the same without JD) and possibly a different name. It would never match up to Scrubs with Zach Braff but I trust is Bill Lawrence's abilities as a Director and Writer so I know it will still be worth the watch.

The last episode ever 'My Finale' was by far the best Scrubs episode I have seen. It was a full 41 minutes long, twice the length of usual episodes, and was packed full of laughs and the odd sad moment :(

It also leaves questions... For instance, the Janitors name. Glen Mathews? The writers did well leaving us questioning it.

But I think the most defining moment in the episode had to be when Dr. Cox finally shared his feelings about JD. The BEST rant he has ever done!

"For the record he was the best doctor that ever came through this dump. John Dorian was the first and only doctor that cared as much as I do and you can forget about him being just an exceptional physician, because the fact of the matter is... he was a damn exceptional person. It's why people gravitated to him. It's why I did. He was my friend."

Bit over the top but seriously unbelievable :P

Anyway.. Got to get to school for some assembly... Will update tonight after Star Trek!


Tuesday, 12 May 2009


So my life drags on...

Overslept for general studies... Wasn't planned but wasn't particularly a hinderance either. I actually attended geography though! Slowest two hours ever! Im not sure if its the teacher, the lesson, the room or just the general atmosphere but time always drags on in that lesson.

Tried to open an account at HSBC... Failed.

Did you know that if you apply for a job at Subway they give you a free drink and cookie? It's awesome :D

I need to get gaming again! I use the excuse that my exams are comming up but I think that is just to comfort myself as I know, given the chance, that wouldn't stop me. No... What is stopping me is a lack of money still! These last 2 years have been aweful and as far as I can see, a waste of my life! Millenium Centre 6th Form was the biggest mistake I ever could have made... The only thing worthwhile that has come out of it is the friends and my girlfriend! I could QQ some more but you get the general idea.

In the middle of watching Dragonball Evolution for the second time round. I must seriously have some dragonballs of steel to sit through this again... I guess I hoped my all time favorite anime would not have been massacred as badly in R5 quality instead of a cam. I was wrong!

WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?! A halfway decent Dragonball movie would have pleased me at least but the pathetic excuses of a Kamehameha just murders the whole franchise! I have passed wind more powerful than that crap! Eugh...

Watchign Star Trek tomorrow so, judging by the reviews, it will make up for sitting through this heap of crap tonight (and yess I know nobody is forcing me too but once I start watching a film I have to finish... It is one of my own rules that I have to stick too).

Oh and starting playing a casual little MMORPG called Free Realms (Google it). It's fairly simple but addictive none the less and it will also be available on the PS3 soon. Check it out anyway... It's free unless you want to pay a membership for bonus things.

Will post again tomorrow with my opinions on Star Trek :)


Monday, 11 May 2009

Picking it up...

So I finished my computing coursework. Was it worth all the hours? No.... Was it worth leaving until the last minute? No... Am I dissapointed? Yes...

Its too late now...

At least I feel a weight has lifted off my shoulders. Leaving me with a slightly less heavier weight with my exams looming ever closer.

But ignoring them... I will enjoy the rest of this week.

God I love orange wednesdays! I get to please my girlfriend with a night out and enjoy a great movie all for the price of a single ticket! I wonder if they have something similar in the US? Ahh well... Its genious!

So Star Trek... Really looking forward to this and have been since the first glimpse! What a cast!! Sylar is a badass and Zachery Quinto to be playing Spock?! Not to mention Simon Pegg and Roldy (John Cho)! Never been a Star Trek fan but with a cast like this I really dont want to miss this.

J.J.Abrams has only recently become such a huge name. If a movie/TV show has his name on it there is a good chance I am going to watch it.

Which brings me to Fringe. If you havn't seen this yet.. Check out the 2 hours pilot! It is like a movie on its own. I have been watching this weekly with my girlfriend and we both love it! It is just a shame the season finishes this week. So sad :(

I dont know what Im going to do after this week. Lost, Smallville and Fringe finish this week. Scrubs, Heroes, Inbetweeners, Shameless, Skins.... ITS ALL OVER!

What the shit will I watch?!

Ahh well.. Still have my animes.

Speaking of which... Full Metal Alchemist has started up again with Brotherhood. I loved the original and look forward to more episodes! Apparantly Brotherhood follows more closely with the Manga which I have not read yet for some reason. Will have to get reading soon though I think!

I think I will leave it at that for now seeing as my mind has gone blank :)


Sunday, 10 May 2009

The Gamer In Me

Everyone has one. That little person inside them that gets pleasure from solving puzzles, racing through crowded streets (human mowing is optional), or gunning down your enemies.

Anyway... Instead of hitting you with a wall of text I will simply do a Q&A.

When did you feel you first became a gamer?

I see it as when i was about 10. Saw a single page add for Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos and, at the time I was into warhammer. Being young and naive I assumed Warcraft and Warhammer was one and the same, making WC3 the next game on my list. Anyway... Long story short, played for hours on end, enjoying all the custom games and making a lot of friends. I think once you join a guild/clan your gamer status actually kicks in, and it didnt take long for me as I really put the hours in even at a young age. DotA 2 seems to keep me going now which has been long awaited.

What was your first console?

I had a Sega Megadrive but I never really played it. My first real console that stuck was the Sony Playstation. This console was blisters galour! Tekken was my drug!

Do you consider yourself a console or pc gamer?

To be honest, this changes very often. I have a PS3, Xbox 360 and a fairly decent PC. I have stopped with the hardcore clan matches that came with the PC FPS territory and moved over to consoles. However, the games are more expensive and I dont get to multitask as easily as usually I will be switching between game and msn to keep my girlfriend from losing interest in me and to stop me being too bored when Im dead. So, I guess I am just an all round gamer.

What's your favorite genre?

MMOs are easily my weakness. I pile so many hours into leveling and farming because I love the social aspect and the teamwork involved. WoW had me hooked for a long time but I overcame it... briefly. Im still looking for the next big MMO though

That's it for now. I was planning on doing more but I am getting too distracted so I will just leave it at that for now.


Spiritless: Lacking energy, drive, motivation or emotion. Enervated

Thats me. Im finishing 6th form, on the brink of a whole new defining moment in my life. I should feel pressured... Right? Wrong.

I have lost the drive and motivation to progress any further. I should be face planting myself with revision or atleast finish this computing coursework due in tomorrow (after pulling all the strings to get every extension I could). I drift, I coast, I lay back and let the work finish itself. Thus, my work becomes an echo of myself... Spiritless...

My life isn't all slow and lifeless however. I have an amazing girlfriend who will drag me out regardless of my mood and spending time with her is one of the few things that motivates me. Also, up until recently, I was an avid gamer. However, that has also slowed due to lack of funds and decent games.

Basically I am using Blogger as a distraction and a hobby. I have a lot to say about my interests and I need a resource to vent my opinion and give me incredibly detailed critique (lol...).

Hopefully this will stick and I wont get bored or forget about it. Who knows... I doubt many people will even read this.

If a tree falls in the woods and nobody is there to hear it, does it make a sound?

If a blog is posted by a blogger and nobody is there to read it, does it provoke an opinion?

Pitty Im not some wise Zen master... Then this might be worth the read?