Friday, 31 December 2010

Hello Hello!

Sorry for not updating over christmas. Busy busy! I now have a new car anyway... 1.8l Diesel Renault Clio =) Nice little upgrade from my 1l Corsa!

When I get time I will post a bigger update but Im off to my mums new years do... Should be pretty interesting at least!



  1. I wish I could afford a new car :(... at least I still have my old one :D
    Congratulations, though

  2. Congrats on the new car! Man I wish I could afford to run one.

  3. hey congrats on your new ride!

    been looking through your stuff, you've got some interesting reads in here :)
    following you now
    my blog, if you feel like checking it out

  4. Tell us about that new car ? how is it working for you so far ? :)