Wednesday, 15 December 2010


So me and my girlfriend, Bee, invested in some rabbits last week! We have been thinking about a puppy for a long time now and, although they are cute! They are too much of a commitment at the moment. So we went for bunnies :D

Minnie and Daisy! (not my choice... gf is a disney fan!)

Oh yeah... They shit everywhere! They will be litter trained soon enough thank god! Either way, they are much easier to look after than a puppy, and we can have 2!

They are awesome though... Very fluffy! Despite the gay names, I enjoy having them!

At least they are better than my sisters hellhound! He seems cute but he will try to eat your face...

But thats all... BAI!


  1. Rabbits are so cute, and that puppy is so adorable !

  2. Congratulations! Your computer and all cable devices are in danger though. :D

  3. We have bunny proofed as much as possible and they have a play pen! but they are sneaky so we will no doubt have problems...

  4. rabbit stew, where are you? delicious

  5. Flop-ears are the cutest kind of rabbits for sure!