Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Star Trek

I never watched Star Trek as a series so I cant do this film justice. But going in blind, I have to say this was an incredible movie! J.J.Abrams has done it again!

The cast is incredible... I dont need to list it's starring members again and I am sure you all know by now anyway. The only thing that bugged me was Zachary Quinto as Spock. To me, all I saw was Sylar through and through. Both characters are similar in their own way given their ability to ignore all emotion and stay calm no matter what the situation, but I cant be the only one seeing this right?

Simon Pegg was awesome in this movie. He plays Scotty, a genius in the Star Trek universe, but also the comedian. Pegg was a perfect casting for this role and had me in hysterics every time he was on the screen!

As for the plot... It was believable and it made sense in its own way. It's just good to see how it included Leonard Nimoy and I suppose it was a good way to 'restart' the Star Trek franchise.

There isnt much I can say without giving away the whole movie so I suggest watching it yourself (I hear there is a decent copy floating around the interwebs!).

Awesome movie!!

Oh and Chris Hemsworth, the dude that played old daddy Kirk, has been cast as Thor, another Marvel movie starting production.

Watch the Season finale of Fringe by the way... Leonard Nimoy is a very significant charater :P

In completely unrelated news, Wolverin Origins will have a sequel... of sorts... The next movie will centre around Deadpool, the dude played by Ryan Reynolds. Interesting role for him but it seemed to work with what little screen time he had in Origins.

Thats all for now... Maybe... Who knows when I will next update?


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