Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Hello World...

Yeah so I havn't blogged in a while. Half due to my own laziness and the other half due to the Dragonica CBT. That ends on the 22nd though so atleast until the OBT I wont be doing much but 'revising'. Even the word is difficult to say. I have never revised for any exam, which explains why I am in this predicament now. Bee (the girlfriend) helped me work out what I needed to get the minimum required for Derby uni. Hopefully Im not being too unrealistic in the hopes that I can actually achieve these grades providing I... 'revise'.

I better get the grades.. Already applied for my student loan (huge debt here I come!).

So theres 3 more days (excluding exams) left of school and then Im gone! I am also more optimistic about May Ball now considering I baught everything ready for Thursday night. I need to look good if Im going to be stood next to her :P

I get to glide through the rest of this week knowing I never have to take another lesson at that school :) Its a good feeling!

In other news...

Scrubs is confirmed for another Season! Season 9 of Scrubs has been given the go-ahead and Zach Braff is clinging on the squeeze everything he can from the Series. Him and Sarah Chalke will be in 6 more episodes to wrap up their story line. Im not exactly sure how Scrubs is going to be with JD in it... Who will Turk cling to now?

Some people are saying that they should have left it at 'My Finale'. It some ways they are right... It was such an amazing episode to finish off such an awesome Series that it should have kept its lime light. Now there is another season coming, 'My Finale' isn't exactly JD's finale at all... Kinda makes it all pointless. Anyway.. Im just happy its going to continue, with or without JD.

I promised to give my opinions on Star Trek so I will do it in another post :P


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