Tuesday, 12 May 2009


So my life drags on...

Overslept for general studies... Wasn't planned but wasn't particularly a hinderance either. I actually attended geography though! Slowest two hours ever! Im not sure if its the teacher, the lesson, the room or just the general atmosphere but time always drags on in that lesson.

Tried to open an account at HSBC... Failed.

Did you know that if you apply for a job at Subway they give you a free drink and cookie? It's awesome :D

I need to get gaming again! I use the excuse that my exams are comming up but I think that is just to comfort myself as I know, given the chance, that wouldn't stop me. No... What is stopping me is a lack of money still! These last 2 years have been aweful and as far as I can see, a waste of my life! Millenium Centre 6th Form was the biggest mistake I ever could have made... The only thing worthwhile that has come out of it is the friends and my girlfriend! I could QQ some more but you get the general idea.

In the middle of watching Dragonball Evolution for the second time round. I must seriously have some dragonballs of steel to sit through this again... I guess I hoped my all time favorite anime would not have been massacred as badly in R5 quality instead of a cam. I was wrong!

WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?! A halfway decent Dragonball movie would have pleased me at least but the pathetic excuses of a Kamehameha just murders the whole franchise! I have passed wind more powerful than that crap! Eugh...

Watchign Star Trek tomorrow so, judging by the reviews, it will make up for sitting through this heap of crap tonight (and yess I know nobody is forcing me too but once I start watching a film I have to finish... It is one of my own rules that I have to stick too).

Oh and starting playing a casual little MMORPG called Free Realms (Google it). It's fairly simple but addictive none the less and it will also be available on the PS3 soon. Check it out anyway... It's free unless you want to pay a membership for bonus things.

Will post again tomorrow with my opinions on Star Trek :)


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