Monday, 11 May 2009

Picking it up...

So I finished my computing coursework. Was it worth all the hours? No.... Was it worth leaving until the last minute? No... Am I dissapointed? Yes...

Its too late now...

At least I feel a weight has lifted off my shoulders. Leaving me with a slightly less heavier weight with my exams looming ever closer.

But ignoring them... I will enjoy the rest of this week.

God I love orange wednesdays! I get to please my girlfriend with a night out and enjoy a great movie all for the price of a single ticket! I wonder if they have something similar in the US? Ahh well... Its genious!

So Star Trek... Really looking forward to this and have been since the first glimpse! What a cast!! Sylar is a badass and Zachery Quinto to be playing Spock?! Not to mention Simon Pegg and Roldy (John Cho)! Never been a Star Trek fan but with a cast like this I really dont want to miss this.

J.J.Abrams has only recently become such a huge name. If a movie/TV show has his name on it there is a good chance I am going to watch it.

Which brings me to Fringe. If you havn't seen this yet.. Check out the 2 hours pilot! It is like a movie on its own. I have been watching this weekly with my girlfriend and we both love it! It is just a shame the season finishes this week. So sad :(

I dont know what Im going to do after this week. Lost, Smallville and Fringe finish this week. Scrubs, Heroes, Inbetweeners, Shameless, Skins.... ITS ALL OVER!

What the shit will I watch?!

Ahh well.. Still have my animes.

Speaking of which... Full Metal Alchemist has started up again with Brotherhood. I loved the original and look forward to more episodes! Apparantly Brotherhood follows more closely with the Manga which I have not read yet for some reason. Will have to get reading soon though I think!

I think I will leave it at that for now seeing as my mind has gone blank :)


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